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A project curated by Mary Valverde, that considers the word GRAVITY / GRAVITATIONAL in it's meanings and uses. The (noun) physical qualities of materials and space, including weight, structure and innate or perceived forces of the materials, and (adjective) severity or seriousness of a cause, political stance, or protest. Valverde brings together select artists who focus on both process and medium in their artwork, where the object is both made and felt as an idea and action. 

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Exhibition and panel series curated and moderated by Mary Valverde, hosted by AC Institute.

Session 1, full podcast

Exhibiting artist Elizbeth Axtman, joined Ivan Monforte, Lyric Prince, Swati Khurana, Jaishri Abichandani, and Mary A. Valverde, to discuss their recent projects and the theme of politics and agency through imagery, criticism, and advocacy.

Session 2, full podcast

Exhibiting artist Shawn Gooden, joined Charles Harbison, Derrick Adams, Esperanza Cortes, Cyriaco Lopes and Mary A. Valverde, to discuss their recent projects and the importance of intergenerational mentorship, contemporary figurative gestures and the use of the feminine gaze through visual language.

Session 3, full podcast

Exhibiting artist Carol Pereira, joined Quiayara Gonzalez, Omar Olivera, Arjan Zazueta, and Mary A. Valverde, to discuss their recent projects and the use of conceptual gestures to narrate and chronicle intimacy through action, leadership, and organizing collaborative projects.

Session 4,  full podcast

Exhibiting artist Rafael Melendez, joined Glendalys Medina, Eva Mayhabal Davis, Ivan Gaete, and Mary A. Valverde, to discuss their recent projects and the power of drawing, abstraction and the use of digital design to present conceptual imagery as visual language.


Essay by Mary Valverde, "Performing the Postmodern: Notes on the Body as Muse and Medium, in selected works by Korean Artists", pg 19-26, in catalog, for the "POST MODERNISM and AESTHETICS COLLIDE or STEER?", exhibition at the Korean Cultural Center of New York.  

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(Full essay in catalog

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7 Days: My Art Life, Edited by Holly Crawford. 

This book is a collection of 30 entries that pull back the curtain to reveal hardships, vulnerabilities and the banality of life in the arts. Each chapter presents a personal account of the contributor’s intimacy with art—and the disillusionment, poignancy and success that comes with it during a week. Contributors include Peter Frank, Doug Harvey, Jonathon Keats, Nancy Lippe, Cristin McKnight Sethi, ORLAN, David Raymond, Tracy Snelling, Mary Valverde and Linnea West, among others.  

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