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I create installations reminiscent of sacred spaces and material offerings. The works propose relationships between the forms, marks, and measurements that intend to diagram the visceral. I bring together various ephemera material components that formulate a visual network based on arithmetic diagrams. It is a chronicling, indexing and archiving of patterns, and the examining of ways in which they empower and adorn space, the body and the psyche.

Time and space are emphasized through marks and impressions in my drawings, photographs, installations and performances. There is a consistent balance of action and restraint, freedom and limitation, and attraction and resistance that plays out in all of my work. I try to maintain a sense of immediacy and directness by a fusion of process, material and the body. I employ the innate qualities of malleable and ephemeral materials (sometimes ink, string, fabric, cotton, wire, oil, water, coffee, cocoa butter etc.) to examine the politics of production, exploitation, social roles, culture and tradition. Working in series has forced a continuous focus and understanding of myself in relation to the act of making.